The best way to get to Pinel Island:

A lot of people ask this question: how can I reach you and/or Pinel Island? For us residents of St Martin - St Maarten, this is quite simple: just follow the road! It really is simple since there is only one road on our island! But, for everyone else, it's not as easy.

There are three possible places you might be starting from...

  • on a cruiseship.
  • somewhere on St Maarten.
  • somewhere on St Martin.

If you're coming from a cruiseship:

Simply ask for a taxi at the pier! The taxi ride lasts 30mn, is not too expensive and drop you right on the parking in front of Pinel Island. Don't forget to tell your driver to pick you up later!

Looking for a nice and professional driver? Ask us!

If you're staying on St Maarten:

you are usually around Simpson Bay. Most of the hotels are there. This spot is the furthest away from us. Don't panic, it will take you only 30mn to reach us! So, leave Simpson Bay and drive until you reach the big roundabout. Don't go right. If you do, you will go to Philipsburg and there is a lot of traffic there! Follow the road towards Marigot. There, there is another roundabout. Continue straight and you will pass Marigot in 5mn. If it looks like there is some traffic in this street, go left at the roundabout and go straight towards the sea. At the corner there will be a drugstore. In front of you there will be a tiny street. Take it and you be on the sea front. Take a right, and then left. Follow the road until the next roundabout, then take a left and continue on your way. Pass through Grand-Case, and the next roundabout will be the last! Take a left and continue until the next crossroad. Anse Marcel is on the left, Pinel Island straight on!

If you're staying in Oyster Pond:

at the Westin for example, this is much easier. Drive around the marina, follow the road around Fish Pond and pass through French Quarter. At the crossroad, take a right, drive until the roundabout, and take the right to Cul-de-Sac and Pinel Island.

If you're staying in St Martin:

it is easier. Your hotel is probably located in Marigot, so follow the sea front and the signs to Pinel. If you are by Orient Bay, take the main road until the roundabout and go right.

I highly recommend you use the Google Map below to get exact directions from your hotel. Click on the map Google Map icon below to plot your exact route!

Once you arrive in Cul-de-Sac, you have one last choice to make: take the ferry or kayak?

The ferry leaves every 30mn from to 10am to 5pm (4pm in Summer) and returns every hour.

What are the benefits of kayaking?

  • Kayaks leave whenever you want
  • You can come back when you want, too (Up to 5pm)
  • You can access Little Key
  • We provide waterproof bags
  • No pollution. We are a proud partner of the Marine Park.
  • It is fun, calm and quiet
  • We provide you all of the information about wildlife you can spot from the kayaks