Scud relaxing in front of a great Caribbean sunset.

This month, we have been blessed with the weather! After a pretty windy winter, we finally have decent conditions for paddleboarding in St Maarten. Winter was also super busy for us, and as we could finish late, it's not easy to go for a paddle board ride after a day at work.

Thankfully, my friend and neighbor Scud pushed me by starting paddleboarding after his day at the famous Yellow Beach in Pinel Island. We alternate with my Bic Inflatable Air 10'6 and his favorite one for downwind, the Bic Wing 12'6 which works really great!

I was first really amazed by the inflatable 10'6 which is really stable, and finally rigid for an "air" board. Bic made a great work on that one, and I think I'll go forward on it a buy touring boards for the next season. This is great way to involve locals because we only need to load the trunk of my truck and drive around St Maarten, inflate the board and go for a tour! I still to think about it..

I also have a great pleasure riding the 12'6, and thanks to my good friend Jeni, I have now sound on my board via the Ecoxgear speaker!

Paddleboarding in front of a Caribbean sunset.

2 friends enjoying the freedom of paddle boarding