Blu Wave Paddle Board - LIttle Key - St Martin - Caribbean
Blu Wave Paddle Board - LIttle Key - St Martin - Caribbean

Here is Blu Wave Paddleboards boss, Aaron Pilon:

Let me introduce you to my friend Aaron Pilon, an avid traveler, paddler and surfer. He founded Blu Wave paddleboards after travelling around the Pacific Coast of Mexico. He became passionate about standup paddle boarding as it's an activity which offers a good compromise between kayaking and surfing, and you can do it on numerous lakes in Canada. Aaron lives in Toronto, by lake Ontario.

Blu Wave paddleboards was established in 2010. Blu Wave's mission is to provide optimal paddling gear for a specific variety of conditions over lakes area in Canada. From Wave Series, to surfing small waves of the Great Lakes, to Touring Series, to perfect standup  paddleboards for exploring flat water, Blu Wave offers durable Canadian boards for Canadian waters. Aaron's goal is to bring standup paddle boarding to Canadians from coast to coast.

We met Aaron and his wife Maria this week. They came to St Martin to take a break from the Canadian winter. After several emails, they visited us at Caribbean Paddling's shop. As you can in the picture above, they tried our Bic standup paddleboards! They rode our Soft SUP 10'6" and Ace Tec 10'4". They first explored Pinel Island and then Grand Case (Aaron tried to surf my home spot, but the wave was not consistent that day) and we finally delivered our boards to them in Oyster Pond, next to their vacation rental. He told me that next time he will come back and bring his own standup paddleboards! He truly discovered a great, new place to test out his favorite sport.

I bet we'll see again Aaron with his Blu Wave standup paddleboards in St Martin!

If you go to Toronto, do not forget to visit Aaron and cruise around the Great Lakes. I'm sure he will share his passion about stand up paddleboarding with you.