Caribbean boats and blue sky - St Maarten
Caribbean boats and blue sky - St Maarten

As we all know, being on the Caribbean waters is like a dream come true. With a slight breeze in the air and a perfect stillness, the Caribbean Sea can at times feel like a lake. It is for this reason that cruising through it on a variety of different vessels, from a paddle board to a luxury yacht charter is so satisfying. In this article we will discuss five great ways to enjoy the the warm, clear Caribbean waters, whether you are here on holiday or planning on staying for the long run.

  • Paddle Boarding: Unsurprisingly, this is a big favourite for us here at Caribbean Paddling. There are not many finer feelings in the world than paddling your way through the water at your own pace, choosing how fast you would like to go. Paddle boarding is one for anyone looking to match some time in the sun with a spot of exercise and the island of St Maarten has conditions which lends it to being a great spot for paddling! The white sand beaches of St Maarten are a great place to relax after a long session.
  • Kitesurfing: One that requires a certain amount of skill, but can also see you reach great heights and enjoy using a natural force to lift yourself metres above the water. A sport which ties in two activities (kiting and surfing) it has become very popular in the Caribbean and is a great activity on those windy days. As with paddle boarding there is a certain satisfaction felt after a long period out on the water, as kitesurfing is another one on our list which will help you keep fit!
  • Sailing: Islands such as St Maarten are begging to be explored, especially beaches such as Galion Bay, which is a veritable paradise for surfers. With shallow waters between the Caribbean islands and small coves and private beaches to be discovered, a catamaran charter may be one of the best ways to cruise through the sea. With a shallow hull, a catamaran can manoeuvre easily through small gaps and in even in the shallower waters.
  • Jet ski: The engine can sometimes be king and with many jet skis reaching top speeds of over 65 miles per hour, you may not be able to spend much time admiring the scenery. However a jet ski gives a great adrenaline rush and is not something for the faint of heart.
  • JetLev Flyer: It may look like something out of a James Bond movie, but one of the most exciting water sports toys that has come out over the past few years has to be the JetLev Flyer, which looks remarkably like a jet pack from the famous film. It lets users reach dizzying heights of up to 30 feet and hover above the beautiful Caribbean waters.

The Caribbean is a great place to come and experience some of the world’s most interesting and varied water sports, in addition to enjoying the spectacular white sand beaches of islands such as Barbados and St Maarten. Navis Yacht Charter can help you enjoy the waters in style on a sailing yacht charter, from which you can try the above water sports from a comfortable, luxurious base.