Our rental shop is located in Cul-de-Sac, next to the ferry terminal. We have great and stable paddle boards available everyday, when the weather condition is on our side (which is most of the time in the Caribbean!). 

Paddle boarding from the mainland is an excellent workout and won’t take you more than 30 minutes of gentle paddle. On your way to Pinel, Little Key and its sand bar is an awesome spot to stop by. The shallow and turquoise water will take your breath away, and the tiny private beach of Little Key will make your heart melt. That spot is reachable within 10 to 15 minutes (depending on your paddling level and the wind condition) standing up on your board, paddling easily and looking around this beautiful area.

Once you are done with this first “must see” spot, you can head to Pinel Island. It will take you another 15 minutes to reach another level of this Paradise on earth. When you will have crossed the short channel, you will directly end up on the main beach of Pinel. There, you can leave your board on the beach and enjoy your day! Click here to find out about what to do over there ☺

For some of you who do not have a lot of time ahead or simply prefer to fully enjoy the day on Pinel, you can also skip your lay over on Little Key islet. 

We recommend to beginners to cross the bay that way, and on their knees as you paddle faster in this position. There is no major obstacle on the bay (mooring boats only), and the water is absolutely flat.

Slide between the moorings and the boats, invite your friends for a SUP ride in the bay, discover tranquil Little Key with its shallow water, head over to the sandbar… Either alone for a quiet and relaxing getaway, with friends for a fun and sportive excursion (especially on our new favourite board, the GIANT SUP!) or with your children to share a new experience together, the day out there can only be a success!

Paddle boarding at Pinel Island bay is completely safe. Here, you can explore the reef, and even meet our neighbours the stingrays, sea turtles and the barracudas. Pinel Island has so many things to offer that even a full day trip won’t be enough, you will need to come back! :)

If you feel comfortable enough and you would like to try surfing on your stand up paddle board, you can visit the sandbar’s little waves. They are easy to catch and fun to ride! Located in front of Little Key, those waves are just 5 minutes away from our shop. 

This “spot” is a sort of hidden one so most of the time, you will have the peak for yourself. Just sit at the right place and wait for the perfect mini waves. Then, catch a little one, enjoy that sliding sensation. That’s what we call pure and simple liberty.