Get your Paddle Board for the week


Get your Paddle Board for the week

Enjoy a full week of paddle boarding:

Staying in St Maarten for the week, you want to enjoy paddle boarding along the coastline from your villa or strap your paddle board to explore different spots? We have the right board for that. Our F-One Matira 11' is the perfect paddle board for touring. You rent a sailing catamaran and you're looking to add a paddle board? Our F-One Matira 10'6 is the right board to fit your willing.

Perfect to enjoy the whole world of Stand Up Paddling in a simple and convenient way, the MATIRA inflatable boards will offer you all the versatility and performances that you will need.

The 2016 MATIRA inflatable Stand Up Paddle range is made of 12 models in order to offer you a product perfectly tailored to your practice, size, level and needs for maximum enjoyment on the water. Once packed up in their bag, they can be very easily transported and can be stored in minimum space.

All shapes have been designed to make the boards perform in their category, be it wave (curvy outline, refined rocker line), race (straight rocker line suited to inflatable technology, thickness / width ratio optimised for comfort, speed and stability) or touring and cruising (stability, comfort, accessibility and versatility).

Check our boards specs below and make your choice. We will deliver it right at your door or on your boat the day before around 6:00pm as you can enjoy your board at the first hour in the morning!

See you soon!


Size 10'6’’ x 33'' 

Dimensions 320 x 84 cm

Volume 310 L

Weight 9.8 Kg*

Thickness 6''

Fins • 2 flexible fins at the front + 1 rigid and removable at the rear

Delivered with
• Pump

This inflatable paddle board is great for boat rental or use at your villa.



Size 11'0’’ x 31'' 

Dimensions 336 x 78 cm

Volume 300 L

Weight 9.3 Kg*

Thickness 6''

Fins• 1 rigid and removable at the rear

Delivered with
• Pump

This is the perfect paddle board for exploring Sint Maarten's coast.

Book now with our reservation system below or send us an email and we'll set up the best way to fit your paddle board dream in St Maarten!

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