Visiting Sint Maarten from a cruise ship could be fastidious due to the huge amount of tours or excursions offered online. On both sides of St Maarten, there is a lot to see, A LOT, and one day is not enough, trust me. But visiting the island from a cruise ship is a great way to see the great potential of the island. Most of our guests always ask for transportation, that’s why we worked this year to offer the best way to visit St Maarten in one day.


On the french side, the very best spot is Pinel Island. Accessible with a little ferry or with our kayaks, Pinel island is a must see if you stay in St Maarten for one day. You will enjoy the laid back french way of life, an amazing place for chilling on the beach, swim in turquoise water and encounter curious iguanas.

On the dutch side, Maho Beach by Juliana Airport and its unbelievable view on landing planes will give you chills, we promise! That amazing show is something really unique, and we think you should not miss that. Everyday between 12:00 and 3:00 you will see planes like you never see them before.