Kayaking is one of the best and most appropriate activities to reach Pinel Island. It's so easy and it's such a fun way to be out on the water! No matter how many people are in your party (traveling alone, as a couple, with your family or simply with friends), and no matter what your paddling level is (beginner to pro): everybody can do it…  Especially after our little briefing before you depart for the adventure.

So go for it! Rent a kayak – solo or double, at a very reasonable price! - And spend an amazing day on our flat and turquoise sea. From our shop to Pinel Island, the sea condition is almost as calm as a lake so it should not take you too much effort to reach one of the most precious spot of Sint Marteen.

Any suggestion? Pay attention on the way! You might see turtles, sting rays and tropical fish! If you have time, make a stop on little key and take a walk on the sand bar in front of it. And if you have enough energy and the sea condition allows it, try a Pinel island tour with your kayak! The last one to finish the roundtrip will get a free Rum Punch ;) 

Enjoy ☺ 

Price: 15 dollars per person