Kayak Rental to Pinel Island:

In the very long list of things to do in St Maarten, kayaking is the cheapest, easiest and most serene activity. We offer one of the best ways to discover the coastline, AND it has little impact on the natural environment. With our stable, unbreakable and beautifully colored Rotomod kayaks fitted with Hi-Comfort backrests, you'll glide over the turquoise water with ease. No tipping!

Our full range of Rotomod kayaks awaits you: the Tango model is perfect for a little trip around the cays. The Ocean Duo is a top choice for the whole family going out together. We also provide safety jackets and lightweight paddles. Grab your sunscreen, water and snacks, and you will be ready for your adventure in the keys.

Once you have your kayak, what's the plan? Here are some of our favorite places to visit via kayak...

Kayak to Little Key:

Start from our shop and paddle 10mn to the turquoise waters you can spot from the shore. There, the magical sandbar home of stingrays and turtles awaits you. This is an idyllic spot, totally protected from development only reachable by kayak. Most of the time it's completely deserted. You will only be sharing it with birds. Travel a little further and you'll discover a coloured reef teeming with life. Just beyond the reef, you'll find pelicans hanging out on the rock's edge. Diving and swooping, they put on an amazing show.

Then kayak to Pinel Island:

From Little Key to Pinel Island, kayaking is very easy and it should take you another 10mn to beach on the island. Park your kayak on the main beach, grab your dry bag with you and start to explore the island!

You can choose between adventure and chill time. The two sides of the beach let you enjoy warm waters, chairs, and umbrellas or some shade below the palm trees. Visit the gift shop nestled between the restaurants or opt for a rum punch at the Karibuni restaurant. This quiet place is a haven for people looking for peaceful places.

Feel adventurous? Embark in your kayak and paddle to the channel between St Maarten and Pinel to reach the North beach. There, you escape for a time from the rest of the world. That beach is unspoiled and you can feel away from civilisation for a while! The snorkelling there could be really amazing too. Sometimes, the ocean could be a bit rough in the channel, so we recommend walking to the beach instead of kayaking.

From that spot, you can also hike through the easy trail to the top of the island and admire the view to the islands around. Once you come back to the main beach, join the party at the Yellow Beach restaurant!

Then, when the time has come to leave Pinel Island and give it back to nature, it lasts only 10mn to kayak back to the shore, thanks to the wind!

Kayak rental benefits:

  • Kayaking to Pinel Island lasts between 15 and 20mn
  • No queue (when booked)
  • Life vests for adults and kids
  • Dry bags
  • Comfortable backrests
  • Friendly service
  • Cheap prices
Important information: the weight limit is 485 lbs for the Ocean Duo and 308 lbs for the Tango
— Kayak notice, RTM Kayak

Please use our booking system below to reserve your kayak. In the options tab you will find snorkel gear to add to your rental or a taxi service for our clients from the cruise ships. Hit the contact button if you need more information. Booking your kayak is strongly recommended.

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