St. Maarten is one of those special places where the fun factor revolves around the clock. Powered by a lively tourism industry with seaside activities like paddle boarding and kayaking, as well as nightlife scenes concentrated on clubs and casinos, this beautiful island country is a definite place-to-be in the Caribbean. To tell the truth, it holds the number eight spot in the top ten best Caribbean islands for the 2016 Travelers’ Choice Awards of TripAdvisor.

This high level of recognition is given to popular tourist destinations, such as St. Maarten, based on actual reviews and opinions of travelers. In addition, it reflects how the island nation mirrors exemplary service, quality, and customer satisfaction across the board. Now, to further prove St. Maarten’s status as a bona fide traveler’s paradise, let’s direct our attention to the ideal mix of fun daytime pursuits and exciting events nightly.

Seaside Activities:

According to Caribbean Paddling, watersports rental in St. Maarten is really “the best way to discover the coastline.” There’s nothing quite like the glorious feeling of being at one with the sea while on a kayak or a windsurf board. The island’s generally flat and placid water bay makes it easy for beginners to learn this sport. On the flipside, its scenic surroundings give justice to a distinct view while on a standup paddleboard.

There are two notable paddleboard locations in St. Maarten, according to the abovementioned Caribbean Paddling. One is in Pinel Island, which presents a gorgeous coastline of turquoise and tranquil waters. Tourists also enjoy a sandbar by the beach where they can hangout and recover all afternoon. Furthermore, Pinel Island has a marine life complete with picturesque reefs and a variety of sea creatures.

Grand Case, on the other hand, is another fantastic place for paddle boarding. Here, travelers can paddleboard and look for stingrays and sea turtles at the right end of the beach. They can even head on over to Creole Rock, which is a top-rated snorkel spot in St. Maarten.

Nightlife Scenes in St Maarten:

Nighttime at St. Maarten highlights a perfect way to cap off an eventful day. With the plethora of discos on the island, tourists will have plenty of avenues to party with friends and meet equally fun people along the way. Aside from dancing to latest club hits and live music acts, St. Maarten also features some of the best casinos in the Caribbean.

Nowadays, with the emergence of modern technology, online casinos have sort of captivated players with a convenient mode of enjoying their favorite games on an easy-to-navigate platform. Some, like Gala Casino, have even incorporated famous television shows such as Deal or No Deal to entice fans and provide them a one-of-a-kind experience. However, in St. Maarten, land-based casinos still make a strong case in terms of offering viable places for huge winnings and, of course, nightlife enjoyment.

There’s Philipsburg’s well-known Front Street, where the likes of futuristic gaming monoliths, Coliseum Casino and Rouge et Noir, call St. Maarten’s capital home. Casino Royale (not to be mistaken with the James Bond film) at the Maho Beach Hotel is the biggest of its kind on the island. Just a couple of minutes away from it is Atlantis Casino, which is a fitting, ancient nautical-themed place. Speaking of themed, Lightning Casino caters primarily to sports fans with its round-the-clock showing of different athletic events.


In hindsight, St. Maarten may be a small, not to mention unfamiliar island to some, but it has the makings of a true tourist haven. With a bevy of activities, spanning daytime pursuits and nighttime endeavors, this lovely Caribbean nation makes a strong statement as to why it’s up there with the “best of the best.”