Dave Kalama Clinic

Dave Kalama explains how to turn around on a paddle board:

This paddle board video is just one in a series about learning stand up paddle boarding. It introduces Dave Kalama, one of the biggest surfers and stand up paddle boarders in the world. Dave is Laird Hamilton's friend, and they both are revolutionizing stand up paddle boarding.

This video shows you how to turn around on a stand up paddle board. It's not really hard, but it requires some balance: as you move to the back of a board (this is true for both windsurf and stand up paddle), your balance diminishes, and you need to use your paddle for balance. The paddle gives you a third point of balance (other than your 2 feet). The movement needs to be fast. It's an important move to master because if you are in front of a wave (small or big), you will need to turn around quickly to catch the wave. The best way to master this is to practice on flatwater, like Dave. Find a shallow and flatwater place. Why? Because you will fall down a lot and it is easier to get back on the board when the water is shallow and calm.

Or, visit us and we will show you how to do it!