SUP au paradis, Ilet Pinel
SUP au paradis, Ilet Pinel

Nice SUP tour with my good friend Franck:

The day started well. Franck showed up at the shop. The plan was to head to Pinel where he was going to pick up his new surfboard. We decided to SUP to Pinel since the day was beautiful! Just a few paddle strokes and we arrived at Karibuni. It was nice, warm and sunny. While Franck talked with the surfboard vendor, I checked on my clients who were on the beach to make sure they were having a nice time.

These clients had rented kayaks. I wanted to let them use my SUPs so they could see how easy and fun they are. As soon as those clients were on the water on my SUPs, other people immediately started getting interested and wanted to go for an SUP ride in front of Pinel, too. That gave me and Franck a little bit of time to enjoy a good burger and an iced Corona at Karibuni. The day passed quietly. Iguanas came around asking for food, but there was nothing left to be shared. All had been eaten and drunk.

The return trip was smooth. With the new surfboard purchased, the only thing left to do that day was test it out!

By the way, Franck Rigal is the happy owner SXM Surf Explorer, a brand new surf company in Sint Maarten. He gives private surfing lessons, guides you to the best spots of the island, and if you do not have a car, he will pick you up at your hotel or home. If you want to surf in Sint Maarten, Franck is THE person to get in touch with!