SUP Grom of the Year 2012
SUP Grom of the Year 2012

Don't forget the Stand Up Paddle grom of the year:

In 2011, Zane Schweitzer won the SUP grom of the year.This year, new young stand up paddlers have come on the scene, competing to be the next king (or queen). Only one requirement for entering: kids must be under 18 years old and younger. So that no one is overlooked, the stand up paddle community needs to tell Supconnect who deserves to be nominated.

There are two phases to the process of determining the ultimate Supconnect SUP Grom of the Year.  The first phase is held from August 1st to August 31st. This is the time for "open" nominations. The public nominates and votes for their favorite stand up paddle groms. The five groms who receive the most votes automatically move on to the second phase of the Supconnect SUP Grom of the Year awards. Groms who do not end up in the top five may receive an honorary mention in the final phase based on voter support, great stand up paddle performances and stand up paddle involvement.

The second phase is the public's final chance to vote for the person they feel is the ultimate SUP Grom.  The five groms from the first phase join a group of groms who were pre-selected by Supconnect based on performance, ambassadorship, and involvement in stand up paddle to compete for the SUP Grom of the Year title.  The voting begins all over again and lasts from September 1st to September 30th.

So get busy! Start nominating the young men and women who are the most impressive stand up paddle groms.  All nominations and voting will take place on the Supconnect Facebook Page.