Paddle board, friends, Pinel island, what else could you ever need?

Paddle boards - Pine Island - St Martin - St Maarten - Caribbean

Every year, our friends from France come to visit us in the winter months. Before they arrive, we plan the best activities for them to make sure we have a full week of fun. The only drawback is that we're in the middle of the high season here in the Caribbean in the winter, so it's not always easy for us to make time for them... such is life!

As the owner of Caribbean Paddling, many of my friends (or friends of friends) are used to seeing my Kayaking and Paddle Boarding pictures on the web. When they visit me, they always ask to try out my gear. Likka and I are always happy to set them up and take them for a paddle board ride on the crystal waters surrounding Pinel Island.

Why do we always choose to take our friends to Pinel? Two reasons: The island faces my shop located just across the bay of Cul de Sac, a safe flat water area. It's definitely the best paddle board place in the least on St Martin - St Maarten. The second reason is that half way to Pinel island, there is a tiny island called Little Key. It's perfect for taking a break and doing an "island dream" photo shoot on the cay's shallow sandbar!

Pinel Island itself  is an idyllic Caribbean Island landscape. There are two excellent restaurants on the beach : Karibuni and  Yellow Beach. Both are well worth visiting. After finishing your lunch with a Banana-Vanilla Rhum you can take a break on the beach, have a sun-filled nap or just walk the beach and feel for your office mates back home ..

This year, we were delighted to welcome Amaury, David, Céline, Adeline, Bastien and Nicolas for a nice paddle board trip to Pinel Island. We really had a blast, and I can't wait to see them next year. We should just moderate our rum punch consumption ... or not ... haha!

A paddle board trip to Pinel Island with good friends is the recipe for a perfect day in the Caribbean... who's next? It's just one flight from home after all!