Delphine goes Paddle Boarding in Grand Case and Plum Bay:

This week was pretty calm, so Delphine came from Guadeloupe to visit for a couple of days! She's already practiced stand up paddle board in Guadeloupe. Being a paddle board lover, naturally we invited her for some Paddle Board Adventures here in St Martin!

First part of our paddle board adventures, Grand Case. Grand Case is a small town known as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean. Grand Case is also a good place to practice Stand Up Paddle Board as it is on the leeward side of St Martin. The bay ends with Creole Rock which is a tiny, scenic, rocky island that is part of St Martin's  Marine Park. Delphine, Likka, Jenny and I set off to Creole Rock with our stand up paddle boards. We stayed there for the whole afternoon until sunset. We had a lot of fun playing in the water, jumping from board to board and taking some glamorous sunset pictures!

The day after, the forecast said a North East swell (with no wind!) was coming. These conditions mean one thing: head to Plum Bay, a bay by Terres Basses that gets a nice wave when the North swell comes in. We put 2 paddle boards in the truck and drove down to Plum Bay. When we got there, the waves were actually picking up closer to the cliff so it was not easy for the girls to catch them but I managed to get a few waves. The girls paddled around, chatted and took some pictures. Once again, a real good time was had by all!