Naish Nalu 10
Naish Nalu 10

Best SUP boards for Summer 2012:

Outside Magazine released the best buyer guide for Summer 2012 with 6 SUP boards. Here is an excerpt from their post:

Stand-up paddleboarding is growing faster and evolving more rapidly than any other outdoor sport. Six years ago, SUPs were fringe crafts just starting to pop up in surf lineups in California and Hawaii. Today they represent a full-fledged sport that’s spread from the coasts inland to lakes and rivers nationwide, with a professional competition circuit and burgeoning regional amateur race scene. As the sport has matured, so have the SUPs themselves. In 2007, nearly all were long, wide, surf-style boards. Today, SUPs range from sleek high-performance racers and stable tourers (probably today’s most popular category) to inflatables, fishing boards, and whitewater-specific boards.

Our choice? The Naish Nalu 10 Feet.

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