Shark Week on Discovery Channel

Paddling with a Great White Shark:

Do you know the Discovery Channel's Shark Week? Every year since 1987 the Discovery Channel dedicates one entire week to celebrating this amazing ocean creature. This year was Shark Week's 25th anniversary. That video above, taken for this year's Shark Week, was a real gift for us paddlers.

It is not common to see sharks. And it is even rarer to see a great white shark. Most people fear this animal, but you really never see it. In my 4 years in the Caribbean, I've only seen (from my paddle board) a lemon shark and a nurse shark. That's it. So, having the chance to paddle beside a great white shark is, danger aside, a crazy opportunity!

The guys in the video are scientists. Chris Fallows is shark expert. They were in South Africa following great whites and wanted to get closer to them without disturbing them. Chris decided to approach one via stand up paddle board. As he says, stand up paddle board is a good way to approach marine life because of its elevated point of view. As he paddled around the shark, he could see it moving and got a better understanding of its behaviour. In the video, he follows the great white, provides amazing imagery and explains his feelings about this giant creature "live."

Would you ever do this? I can't recommend it! Stay away from sharks, even on a paddle board or a kayak!