Creole Rock Tour:

Creole Rock kayak tour - Grand Case - St Maarten

Last sunday we went for a kayaking trip around St Martin. This trip's goal: get out to Creole Rock, which is located in the Marine Reserve. We took our snorkel gear and planned to discover all of the wildlife this place has to offer. It all started with a rendez vous at Grand Case for breakfast on the beach. Then, at 9am we were off and paddling. The weather was a little windy and rainy. Conditions weren't great for snorkeling so we passed on getting into the water. We continued to Duck Beach, located just before Anse Marcel. This deserted beach is well known for its cows and horses who hang out just beyond the beach. We saw them hiding behind the trees, shielding themselves from a little bit of rain that passed over. We talked, laughed and enjoyed a little cup of coffee. Then, it was time to get back to Grand Case. On the way the wind started to pick up. Luckily it was blowing in the right direction, pushing us back to Grand Case. As we pulled into Grand Case, the sun started coming out. What a happy sight! We opened a bottle of rosé to celebrate such a nice day at sea. After putting the kayaks back on the trailer, it was to Calmos Cafe to finish up the day on a high note!