Our latest Bic paddle board:

We are proud to announce our newest paddle board: the Bic Wing 12'6". This board was just named Gear of the Year 2013 by Outside Magazine! We are the first to introduce paddle board touring to Sint Maarten!

Bic Wing 12'6 - Sint Maarten - Caribbean

Review of the Bic Wing 12'6 by Paddle Board Direct:

The 2013 Bic 12'6 WING is a Touring SUP designed for fitness paddling, riding on flat water or open ocean touring, and recreational racing. It's aimed at riders looking for a board with excellent glide that is versatile and easy to ride. With 285 liters volume, the Bic 12'6'' Wing is ideal for beginners up to 260lbs, with plenty of floatation for larger, intermediate riders.

A maximum width of 30 combined with a flat hull under the paddling position, assures good lateral stability, even in rough conditions. The bow section Vee shape enables the WING to cut easily through chop, with no slapping and no loss of forward speed. The standing area is recessed which allows the feet to be braced for perfect control and balance, and also includes a premium diamond grooved deck pad for comfort.

The hull and deck profiles are the direct result of the latest tests run by the design team of Patrice Remoiville and Eric Terrien in France, and Jimmy Blakeney in the U.S. "On the race prototypes we tested various different hull and deck possibilities, which gave us the feedback we needed to make the ideal shape for the new WING, where we've achieved a fantastic combination of easy accessibility and great gliding feeling in an incredibly wide range of water conditions." Eric Terrien - International BIC SUP team rider

Pictures of Bic SUP Wing 12'6:


Would you like to ride it in Sint Maarten?